When you don’t know where to start, I help you find exactly where you want to go


Welcome! My name is Carli Fernandez, better known here as The Honeymoon Concierge. I love helping brides and grooms who desire an effortless approach to travel design the perfect romantic getaway, from planning and logistics to insider upgrades and exclusive perks.


For me, travel is how I express my love. There's nothing better to me than watching people experience a new place…try a new cuisine…feel their way around an exotic new location…and feel what it feels like to be fully alive and present with the ones you love. Travel, to me, is more than just a getaway: Travel is my love language.


You might ask yourself, “Why should I work with a travel advisor?” The simple answer is this: because I care about what your love, life, and travel experience mean to you. I care that you have the time of your life. I care if you take the hard way when there’s an easier route. And I care that your hard-earned money goes toward the experiences and adventures you’ve always been dreaming of.


 I want you to have a one of a kind, life-changing experience filled with romance and spectacular new friends in faraway places.


For the past four years, I’ve done the handiwork that comes with providing couples a dreamy itinerary of sites and attractions that fit their personal passions and travel style. From the Italian countryside to the turquoise waters of Bora Bora, I help my clients plan their travel to-do list by learning their tastes in food, fashion, culture, and more. Through this one-on-one process, I’m able to design a once-in-a-lifetime trip that lets them travel like a celebrity, all without lifting a finger to confirm a reservation or double check tickets.


 It’s not just about the honeymoon: it’s about the relationship we build together over the long term, so that you can rest easy knowing your family is in good hands for life.


Since The Honeymoon Concierge launched in 2012, I’ve seen firsthand that it’s what happens after the wedding that sets the foundation for marital bliss. Your honeymoon is the very first thing you do as Mr and Mrs, which is why making memories, working as a team (French 101, anyone?), and getting lost in cozy alleys together are more than a glamorous escape from the everyday. A honeymoon is a love story inspired by getting lost, having fun, and embarking on a lifetime of new adventures together.


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