Travel the world without lifting a finger.


Why Work With a Travel Advisor?

Great connections are the créme de la créme of luxury travel. 

I’ve worked in travel and hospitality for 4+ years, which is why I’m no stranger to the ins-and-outs of the industry. Thanks to my expertise and reputation, I’ve built a community of valuable connections that translate to superior client care worldwide. From preferred partnerships with exclusive hotel brands offering my clients exclusive guest privileges at to die for resorts and boutique properties around the world, you can trust that you’re getting intimate service and exclusive benefits from me and my partners.

My connections translate to…



Thanks to my elite network, your options are truly limitless. I have inside access to staff that can make your trip a little sweeter, whether it’s upgrading your room to include tropical ocean views or offering you a later checkout. Your wish is our command.



When it comes to traveling like a VIP, it helps to have a worldwide team working on your behalf wherever you're traveling. My partners have what it takes to make special arrangements, all with the familiarity of a local. You can trust us to feel at home while you’re away, with expert advice and insider travel tips on the ground.



The beauty of travel is falling into those serendipitous experiences that happen at just the right moment, and leave a memory for a lifetime. Being well-connected means getting you into private tours, members-only access, and premium upgrades – because who doesn’t want to feel a little more Beyoncé on their honeymoon?



Is there anything scarier than traveling across the world without a wingman…or should I say, wingwoman? When you work with me, you also work with my network of trustworthy partners who are there to ensure that your trip is as easy and effortless as possible. Should you run into any travel snags, weather delays, or lost luggage, rest easy knowing that all of us have your back.

The Team

When you don’t know where to start, WE help you find exactly where you want to go


Carli Fernandez

Founder/ Head Travel Designer

Welcome! My name is Carli Fernandez, better known here as The Honeymoon Concierge. I love helping brides and grooms who desire an effortless approach to travel design the perfect romantic getaway, from planning and logistics to insider upgrades and exclusive perks.

For me, travel is how I express my love. There's nothing better to me than watching people experience a new place…try a new cuisine…feel their way around an exotic new location…and feel what it feels like to be fully alive and present with the ones you love. Travel, to me, is more than just a getaway: Travel is my love language.

For the past four years, I’ve done the handiwork that comes with providing couples a dreamy itinerary of sites and attractions that fit their personal passions and travel style. From Tuscany to the turquoise waters of Bora Bora, I help my clients plan their travel to-do list by learning their tastes in food, fashion, culture, and more. Through this one-on-one process, I’m able to design a once-in-a-lifetime trip that lets them travel like a celebrity, all without lifting a finger to confirm a reservation or double check tickets.

Favorite Countries: Italy, St. Barths & Thailand


Megan Dwier- Travel Advisor

Megan Dwier- Travel Advisor

Born and raised in New Jersey, Megan’s passion for travel took flight while working and traveling internationally for a luxury retailer based in Switzerland. In 2017, Megan realized her true passion was helping others to experience different parts of the world and opening minds to a new way of thinking, seeing and believing. Her professional training in luxury client experience comes through in her itineraries and her recommendations are based on in-depth research, conducted with specific clients in mind.

Favorite destination: Without a doubt it would be Zimbabwe! When planning my first safari experience, I knew I wanted to escape the crowds of tourists in the more well known destinations like Tanzania. I am still in awe by all that Zim has to offer, from the breathtaking views of Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, to the most Instagram worthy "glamping" tents under the glimmering milky way and big game experiences on each and every safari drive! I will be back to Zimbabwe to visit their other national parks soon. 

Destination on my radar: Doha Qatar, I haven’t been to the middle east yet and I’m dying to get there! Doha has it all- rich culture, luxury accommodations, great shopping, and desert safaris

What I cannot travel without: An empty backpack, I love to pick up souvenirs from local businesses’ especially jewelry designers. Every time I wear a piece, it brings be back to that place and the memories made.

The reason I do what I do: Travel has enriched my life and I want to give this gift to others, nothing makes me happier

Favorite Countries: Zimbabwe, Italy, Switzerland

Carli was very accommodating, professional, and easy to work with. My husband and I had a fantastic honeymoon thanks to her amazing work! Highly recommend.
— Bridget R.