Top 5 Tips For Planning a Perfect Honeymoon


You’re engaged! So exciting (and maybe just a littttle bit stressful) with so many details to consider. I bet one thing you can both agree on is that planning a well deserved honeymoon is a priority — but where do you even begin?

First, be sure to check the season in your desired destination for when you will be visiting to be sure to avoid unpleasant weather, crowds or children during school breaks. Once you’ve decided where you want to go- plan early so you have the most hotels and room types available to choose from. There are a ton of little details that go into planning an epic trip, so give yourself plenty of time to research, book and then organize all of your confirmation information. 

Next, decide how you want to use your budget. When the possibilities are endless, it’s easy to go overboard. Once you know what you’re comfortable spending, you can decide if you’d rather spend a shorter time at a splurge hotel or look at budget friendly hotels to extend your trip for as long as possible. And if you’re spending less time in a destination, look for destinations with short rides from the airport to the hotel, in close proximity to things to do. 

If you can, when looking at flights be slightly flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes, just one day can drastically reduce airfare allowing you to use those extra funds for an upgrade or maybe that additional night!  Also, be careful with that lowest flight option. Check that you’ll have ample time to make a connecting flight and try not to connect to the last flight out for the night in case your first flight is delayed. Also keep an eye out for airport changes and long or overnight layovers.

On that note don’t forget travel insurance that covers your baggage, incidentals during travel delays, trip cancellation and most importantly in my opinion- medical emergencies while out of the country. While it’s rare that things go awry during travel, the reality is that they do. You can get a stomach virus, break an ankle hiking, or you need to fly home for a family emergency and you will be grateful you made that extra investment to cover the unexpected. 

Last, don’t try to do too much. Be sure to schedule in some down time. You don’t want to feel like you need a vacation from your honeymoon when you get home! I often find I have to reign in all the ideas couples have about what they want to do on this trip. A big part of what we do when planning a honeymoon is help prioritize each spouse’s wish list then incorporate as much as possible but ultimately design a balanced, memorable trip with some down time to see where the adventure takes them! 

My favorite international travel tip- Avoiding exchanging money at high fee currency exchange, instead use your debit card at an ATM. Be sure to alert your bank and credit card companies in advance of your plans.

Not sure what you should be doing when?

Download our Honeymoon Planning Timeline to stay on track.


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