How to Choose a Honeymoon Destination


No matter what your dream honeymoon is, I believe there is a perfect destination for every couple if you keep in mind a few key factors:

The most important thing to consider when planning a honeymoon is the time of year you’re planning to jet.  Of course, you’re not going to want to choose a somewhere snow covered if all you’re looking to do is lounge at the beach or opt for a Caribbean cruise in the middle of hurricane season. If your bucket list location isn’t ideal right after the big day, don’t be afraid to delay your honeymoon a bit!  We see this ALL the time and it can actually be nice to break up all that time you’ll need off work for wedding festivities when the honeymoon immediately follows. If you want to leave right after the big day, consider a relaxing mini moon with the big trip later on or to celebrate your first anniversary when the timing is right.

Once you know when you’re traveling, you should each make a list of must haves in priority order. Consider things like how active you want to be and how much down time you’re looking for. Do you want all inclusive dining, local hangouts or top rated fine dining? I’ts important to consider how much time you have and how far are you willing to travel. If time is short, consider somewhere easily accessible from your home airport or by car- you won’t want to waste days in transit when you only have a week or less. Once you understand what’s important to each of you, I promise, it should be pretty easy to eliminate a lot of destinations.

Let’s talk dollars- This is your once in a lifetime excuse to splurge on the luxury vacation of your dreams but we all have our limits and there are many factors that play into what we can realistically spend on one trip. If your budget is strict, consider an all inclusive so you can have true peace of mind knowing exactly what you’ll be spending up front and even pay for it over time. Do you want to go all out on this trip and stay at only the best accommodations? If so, book early - you’ll get your pick of room categories so you can stay at the best hotels without completely blowing the budget because all they have left are top suites a few months or weeks before you leave. 

TIP: The shoulder season of a destination can provide huge value if your top pick is pricing over budget during the high season. Europe, for example, is absolutely lovely in April and October- sure it won’t be as hot as in the summer but you will get a lot more for your money during these slightly off season times than in the peak summer season. 

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