Why Hire a Travel Agent to Plan your Honeymoon?


You might ask yourself, “Why should I work with a travel agent (or as most of us like to call ourselves these days, travel advisor) when I can book a hotel on the internet?” The short answer is this: because we care about what your love, life, and travel experience mean to you. We care that you have the time of your life. We care if you take the hard way when there’s an easier route. And we care that your hard-earned money goes toward the experiences and adventures you’ve always been dreaming of.

Now for the long version: The biggest way we help our clients is by sorting through all of the options and millions of reviews so they can make the best possible choices for their style and budget. Information overwhelm is real these days and you can google yourself into a week-long rabbit hole trying to plan the “perfect” trip (spoiler alert, it probably doesn’t exist but we’re going to get you darn close). Our clients are busy- they have demanding jobs and weddings to plan or households to run. They want us to present their best options so they can easily see the full picture and choose what works best for them.

Another huge factor is the relationships we have with hotels. On top of our preferred partnerships which allow our clients upgrades and added amenities like resort credit, breakfast and lots of champagne at select 4* and 5* hotels around the world, we’re booking these hotels often enough that we know the staff. Think about it- if an email comes in from me who books a hotel 10x a year or someone who booked a discounted rate at an online travel agency, who do you think will get priority for the same request?

We’re also here to be an advocate and resource for you, as the client, should you need assistance or have questions before or during travel. On the off chance something does go wrong, you’ve got someone in your corner working to make it right. We’ll make sure you have all of our insider tips before you leave on what not to miss (hello restaurant recommendations!) and use our personal experience to share what you can expect during travel. You don’t know what you don’t know but we or our in destination travel partners probably do.

And with a great travel advisor by your side,  It’s not just about the honeymoon: it’s about the relationship you’ll build together over the long term, so that you can rest easy knowing your travel advisor knows you, your style and that your family is in good hands for life.

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Samantha Mabe

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